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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Terri Pentz

Interior Designer and Owner

Terri Pentz hails from Vero Beach, Florida. She has been with Island Paint and Decorating for 27 years and is now one of our top designers. She is a licensed Interior Designer and her Lifelong Experience makes her a great match for any client. Terri’s husband, Billy Pentz, is the Owner of The East Coast Cabinet Company. You could say home improvement runs in the family. Terri is known for keeping up with the Newest Trends. “Its great to see how design is constantly evolving and how I can incorporate these ideas into my clients homes.” We asked Terri what she thought was one thing that would improve any space and her biggest tip was to determining what is beautiful or functional, and take out everything else. “Simplicity is a timeless and tasteful look!”

Favorite HGTV Show: Cousins on Call

Kimberly Roessler

Creating a room that is both on-trend and timeless is a rare and coveted talent. Here at IP&D, its what distinguishes Kimberly’s striking interiors. An expert and natural listener, Kimberly embraces the client’s taste in art, fashion, and lifestyle to design rooms that are all about self-expression. The Client’s, not hers.

When it comes to designing, William Morris’s quote “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” is her mantra, one that her clients recognize and appreciate from her designs and keep them seeking out her skill years later. Over twenty years ago, during her time in Atlanta, GA, Kimberly worked on a complete home redesign that became one of her favorites. Now she is working on the same home for the same family on another complete home redesign. To see this project come full circle has been one of the highlights of her career and she is so thankful to have built such a strong relationship with her client.

Clients say that Kimberly is amazingly flexible and incredible to work with. She knows that comfort and the feel of a room is equally as important as the aesthetic. Her designs look fabulous and they are meant for being lived in. Inspiration finds Kimberly everywhere! Kimberly Roessler’s designs are highly personal, welcoming and timeless. Her work and positive outlook are an inspiration to her clients and peers at Island Paint and Decorating.

Doreen Muller

Though some may think of Doreen as a rookie, her style and skills are those of a seasoned veteran. Doreen recently turned her passion for design into a career and now looks back at her childhood noting that this is what she was meant to do all along. Growing up, spending her time space planning and redesigning her own room over and over to be both functional and representative of herself, should have been her first clue. It was more than just changing colors and moving furniture; it was where her unique ability to balance layered textures and colors in the space stemmed from.

Doreen received her Associates Degree in Interior Design as well as a Certificate in Home Staging and also a Certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design to shape her natural talent with formal training. Doreen has a great and unerring eye. One of her special talents is working with design elements to create balance through the use of textures and patterns that really speak to her clients. For Doreen, the most exciting part of the design process is using complimenting textures to create a calm and organized space.

Doreen’s flair for mixing modern and classic styles to fashion a distinctive look is a perfect match with the wonderful diversity of choice at Island Paint and Decorating. She is known for her belief that every space should create an emotional connection with its inhabitant and make them feel welcome in the space, something she strives for in every design she does. She inspires clients and the entire IP&D creative team alike.

Jan Seage

As a child, Jan Seage spent her time buried in magazines like many girls her age, but unlike those girls they weren’t about the latest pop star or fashion trend. The Rockledge native could instead be found with her nose between the covers of Architectural Digest, Ideal Home, Better Home and Gardens, and the like. Her fascination lead her to her design roots at an architectural firm, where she learned the process from the ground up and from there on, design had her heart.

Jan’s clients are often put at ease by her ability to make them laugh. She believes that a good sense of humor is essential for a good life. Her clients will tell you that Jan is also a fabulous listener. She is not one to impose her own preferences. Rather, Jan’s approach is collaborative. She listens and responds with creative ideas that strike the perfect, personal chord with clients.

Having received her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from The Florida State University(GO Noles), Jan has since built a successful career in interior design over the course of two exciting and creative decades. When she isn’t designing, she is spending time with her family, in the stands at her daughters’ volleyball games, or walking along the Indian River.

Finding much of her inspiration from nature, Jan is skilled at layering contrasting textures and fabrics to compliment the space and lighting perfectly. Jan, an outgoing, loyal, and organized individual, is an incredible creative addition to the Island Paint and Decorating design team.

Holly Wiese

Holly Wiese loves it when a plan comes together. She is an interior designer who turns ideas into reality with a sharp eye and a mind for organization. Her two kids are her world and she knows first hand that organization is key to a functioning home. Though she was born in Georgia, she began her design career after moving from Lafayette, Louisiana to Rockledge, Florida. She earned her Associates Degree in Interior Design and has been honing her skills ever since.

When designing, though “less is more” is her motto, her southern charm is just as evident as her southern drawl. Holly is precise, insightful, perceptive and most of all, understanding. Always making the client’s vision the priority. What you first notice about Holly is her sincere manner as well as her keen questions. For Holly, design all starts with understanding, both the customer and what they want, but her favorite parts of the design process are the organizational aspects. Like many great designers, she believes design inspiration can often start with a single item. And, Holly has an eye for spotting those stand-outs. Her current favorite project is her own home. Recently purchased, it is a clean slate and one that she excited to have the opportunity to design from the very beginning.

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